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Registration Information
  • Registration with NIAID's BEI Resources program provides the gateway to MR4 materials. If you want to order reagents from MR4, you must first register with BEI Resources.
  • The registration process and the associated MTA are designed to protect the rights and interests of all participating parties including the depositors, the registered user, BEI Resources, and its sponsors.
  • Registration is valid until terminated by the registrant or by BEI Resources, provided there is no change in institutional affiliation of the investigator.
  • Please register well in advance of your reagent request. Both Material Transfer Agreement and registration forms duly signed by the PI and their affiliated organization are required, so approval may depend on turnaround time by your institutional official.

How to Register

  1. Access the required forms here.
  2. To register you must be affiliated with a public, private, academic, non-profit or for-profit institution. Registrants must demonstrate they work in an established institution with facilities and safety programs appropriate for the level of registration requested.
  3. Complete the Registration Documents necessary for your Level of Access. Documents can be e-mailed, faxed or sent via postal mail. 

    E-Mail all documents with original ink signatures to:
  4. OR

    Fax all documents with original ink signatures to: (703) 365-2898


    Mail all documents with original ink signatures to:

    BEI Resources
    Customer Service: Registration
    10801 University Boulevard
    Manassas, VA 20110-2209

  5. Where the Material Transfer Agreement form specifies "Duly Authorized for Depositor's Institution", signatures must be obtained from an official capable of legally binding your Institution (e.g., president, vice- president, dean, or provost, but NOT a department chairman. Often, the business official who co-signs your grant applications will be the appropriate person).

5.     MR4 will review the application and respond to you with a username and password which can be used on both the MR4 ( and BEI Resources ( websites.

  1. You will then be entitled to reagents and resources provided by MR4 and BEI Resources which are within your user level registration and scope of use.

Please keep in mind the following MR4 policies:

  • Reagents are supplied in ‘reference’ or ‘research’ quantities only
  • Registrants are limited to one vial of each reagent per annum, with no limit on the total number of reagents requested.  To ensure prompt delivery, registered user records must be kept up to date, including any changes to the Shipping Address. 
  • Registrant and Registrant’s Institution agree to acknowledge both MR4 and the Depositor of the Reagent(s), as indicated on the Reagent Product Sheet in all publications and presentations that describe Registrant’s use of Reagents. The suggested format for such acknowledgement is: “The following reagent was obtained through MR4 as part of the BEI Resources Repository (MRA catalog number and reagent name), deposited by (Depositor name).”  Please also notify us of publications that include your reference to MR4.
  • Users who change institutions MUST undergo the full registration process at their new institution.

Please call BEI Resources customer service at our Toll-free telephone number: (800) 359-7370 from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Eastern Time or email if you have questions about registration.